Kitchen – Yorkville Ave – The Regency

Wall Unit – Withrow Ave

Rec Room Wall Unit – Mildenhall Rd

Master Vanity – Mildenhall Rd

Kitchen – Mildenhall Rd

Wall Unit – McNab Blvd

Kitchen – Harshaw Ave

Billiard Fireplace – Mildenhall Rd

Wall Unit – Rosedale Heights Dr

Wall Unit 1 – Roehampton Ave

Mudroom – Mildenhall Rd

Wall unit – Maple Gate Crt

Desk and Storage – Hillsdale Ave

Wall Unit – Hillsdale Ave

Banquette – Hillsdale Ave

Kitchen – Donlea Dr

Fireplace – Glenwood Ave

Kitchen – Glenwood Ave

Master Fireplace – Mildenhall Rd

Wall Unit 2 – Roehampton Ave

Basement Laundry – Mildenhall Rd

Pool Towel Built-in – Mildenhall Rd

Shared Bathroom Vanities – Mildenhall Rd

Vanity – Mildenhall Rd

2nd Floor Laundry – Mildenhall Rd

Master Closet – Mildenhall Rd

Fireplace Surround – Mildenhall Rd

Wall Unit – Mildenhall Rd

Built-in Console – Maple Gate Crt

Wet Bar – Maple Gate Crt

Built-in Console – Maple Gate Crt

Side Board – Hillsdale Ave

TV Console – Hillsdale Ave

Wall Unit – Glenwood Ave

Foyer Closet – Glenwood Ave

Fireplace and Console – Glenwood Ave

Kitchen – Bay St – Polo Club Condos

Fireplace – Harshaw Ave

Powder Room Vanity – Harshaw Ave

Vanity – Harshaw Ave

Desk – Harshaw Ave

Wall Unit – Harshaw Ave

Basement Kitchenette – Mildenhall Rd

Vanity and Built-in – Mildenhall Rd

Ensuite Vanity – Yorkville Ave – The Regency

Vanity – Hillsdale Ave

Master Bedroom Wall Unit – Bernard Ave

Bathroom Vanity – Mildenhall Rd

Kitchen – Donlea Dr

Vanity and Linen Closet – Lawrence Park

Bathroom Vanity and Built-In – Lawrence Park

Dual Room Swivel TV – Fort York Blvd

Ensuite Vanity – Rosehill Ave

Kitchen Banquette – Hillsdale Ave

Window Bench – Airdrie Rd

Leaside Bedroom Desk and Shelving

Wall Unit and Home Office – Donlea Dr

Hyundai Trade Show Booth Design

Foyer Bench and Hooks – Apricot St

Kitchenette – IBM Offices

Umbra+ Loggia Table – ICFF NYC

Consultation Desk – Orthodontist Office

Media Room Wall Unit – Northern Dancer Blvd

Umbra+ Treehouse Bed – ICFF NYC

Wall Unit – True Davidson Dr

Workstation – Thornhill Smile Centre

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